About Us

We are an enthusiastic group of Media and Education professionals whose core belief is in delivering excellent content to our viewers.

Our belief is in creating memorable viewer and user experience, be it in Education, Entertainment or News. 

For example, in the field of Education, the OWN GURU segment of the apps and site, prepared by leading educationists, provides comprehensive education for competitive exam preparation, offering excellent video tutorials, tests and exams, easy to use query mode, personalized tuitions, and much more at more than affordable prices, enabling the users to prepare from the comforts of their homes, at a fraction of the cost of tuition classes. 

Similarly, the Entertainment section – OWN ENTERTAINMENT, is manned by a team of seasoned Bollywood professionals, with extensive experience in Cinema, to create relevant entertainment of various time durations, to suit viewer engagement throughout the day.

The Soon to come News section – OWN NATION – is viewer engagement and participation based, creating and airing programs as per user demand, and also enabling and encouraging viewer live participation, taking the viewer experience to a completely new level.

The company started off as a vision of our Founder almost a decade back, when internet connections were very poor, however, he had a strong gut about the proliferation of the net, and subsequent convergence of media – towards internet.  This was validated a couple of years back, as prices of mobile telephony started decreasing – both in terms of cost of ownership of smartphones, as well as cost of broadband. 

This triggered the creation of OWN TV as a comprehensive single platform to fulfill all user and viewer aspirations without having to move to different apps or sites.

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