What is Fit India Movement? Know its Objective and Key Features

The Fit India Movement: Everything you need to know

Every year  National Sports Day (Khed Diwas) is celebrated on 29th August 2019. This event is in commemoration of the Birth anniversary of Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. The prime objective of this day is to create awareness in the country about the significance of Sports and to adopt healthy habits in their daily lives. On this occasion, PM Narendra Modi launched a National wide Fit India Movement at Indra Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi.

The movement aims at encouraging the citizens to include fitness activities and sports in daily walks of life. This will pave a way for healthy and fit lifestyle ensuring good mental and physical body. For PM, fitness is not a word but a way to lead a healthy life. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the great sports person, Major Dhyan Chand it will be an honor to celebrate fitness with this fit India Movement.

Key Objective: To encourage the citizens to increase physical activity and sports in their everyday lives.

Fit India Movement in Detail

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said, “Earlier we used to get news of heart attacks in the 60s but now you can hear people in their 30s and 40s getting heart attacks. Lifestyle diseases and disorders are on the peak and I believe small changes in our lifestyle can make all the difference.”

PM believes that the main cause of most of the diseases is strongly influenced by our lifestyle.  Disorders/ Diseases like diabetes and hypertension are increasing in India. He sees fit India as a household Movement which he expects everyone to adopt in their daily routine. For him, Nation will be fit when each citizen in the nation is free.

What you should do to stay fit?

Fit India is not an initiative but a dream of making the country, free of all lifestyle disorders. Such a change can only come when they will bring a change in their basic lifestyle.

Some changes, Fit India Movement suggests in the lifestyle of people are­ –

  1. Using stairs case instead of escalators.
  2. To do at least adopt few exercises on daily basis
  3. To walk daily instead of taking rickshaw or bike for short distance and use bicycles for long distances.
  4. To include family members in the exercise and physical activities on daily basis. 

Contribution of Government Bodies and Educational institutes in Fit India Movement

A 28-member that include government officials, members of Indian Olympic Association (IOA), national sports federations, private bodies and fitness promoters was constituted to advise the government on the Fit India Movement. This committee was under the chairmanship of sports minister Kiren Rijiju. It had 12 members from the government, including Sports Secretaries, Secondary Education, Ayush, Youth Affairs etc.

Fitness experts find the fit India campaign as a new era of fitness revolution. To encourage this fitness drive, UGC (University Grants Commission) also asked higher education institutes to make arrangements to show address of PM’s Fitness pledge to create a mass awareness. It has urged the NSS (National Service Schemes) of the colleges to organize a run for fitness. It has urged every citizen of the country to walk 10000 steps everyday at least. Several schools were present in the PM’s address at Indira Gandhi Stadium and hence pledged for fitness.


This movement aims at creating a Sporty Environment in the Country. Their emphasis was also on the position of India in Olympics. The government has high hopes that Fit India Movement will add to the tally of medals of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 and in other forth coming games.      

Key Takings of PM’s address on Fit India Movement

  1. Fit India Movement is a nation-wide campaign aiming to encourage people for including sports and physical activities in their everyday lives.
  2. To make India a great nation, the only way possible is to create healthy human resource. It is possible by making a healthy person, healthy family and healthy society.
  3. My goal is to make a Healthy India: PM Modi
  4. The initiative asks to make it a part of your life. This move must encourage and inspire people to be fit.
  5. Courage is interlinked with fitness. PM says, it is not only government’s responsibility to embrace fitness.
  6. On this day a great sportsperson was born, Major Dhyan Chand who has amazed the world with his fitness, stamina, and hockey stick. We hope to create more such sports person.
  7. Small change in lifestyle can bring massive benefits to our body. Technology and development reduced physical activities. We should not make ourselves, slaves of technology.
  8. Small change in lifestyle can bring massive benefits: PM Modi.

9. Importance of fitness is there in our scriptures. Fit India Movement has zero investments and ultimate returns.

Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty and Cricketer Gautam Gambhir also joined the address. Sports are an integral part of our lives. Ignoring physical fitness is a tool on your mental fitness. A sound mind is always found in a healthy body. To get rid of lifestyle disorders, one needs to adopt healthy living activities and fitness strategies.

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