Homophones VS Homonyms: How to use them?

Homophones VS Homonyms: How to use them?


Homophones VS Homonyms- How to understand their meanings?

What are homophones and what are homonyms? Words which sound same or spelled same? Let us discuss what are they and how to use them. Homophones VS Homonyms, take a look.

Homophones:   This word is made up of two different words.

Homo+ Phones

Homo means – Same

Phone means- Sounds

Basically, Words which sound the same but have different meanings are called Homophones. For example -Hear and Here

Hear – सुनना

Here – यहाँ

Let’s form sentences

  • I can’t hear.

  • Come here, let’s play.

Why there are so many Homophones in English?

There are so many vowel sounds in English and there are so many words which have come from different languages. That’s why there are so many homophones in English.

 Here are 5 sets of Homophones

  •  Bare, Bear

Bare (Something which is not covered)

I walk bare feet in my house

Bear (A large mammal)

Bear is a big animal

  1.  Cell, Sell

Cell- Smallest division of an organism

White Blood cells help us to fight from diseases

Sell – To exchange a product or service for money

I have to sell my car

3. Eye, I

Her eyes are really beautiful

Eye- Body Part

– that you use to refer yourself

I want to meet you today.

4.  Flour, Flower

Flour- Main Ingredient in bread

Roshni wanted to bake a cake, but she didn’t have any flour

Flower –  Colourful part of a plant

Flowers are the best gift and you can always pick red roses for the person you love

5Know, no

Know- To have knowledge of something

Rahul knows how to speak English

No – Negative Emotion

No means No means


Too – I mean Also

She too has two notebooks.


Part 2


Homo – Same

Nyms – name

A single word with one spelling but more than one meaning.

For Example – Kind and Kind

Kind means – Loving person

It also means a type

For example

Radhika is a kind girl.

What kind of food do you like to eat?


Bear and Bear

Bear means animal and it also means tolerate

Polar Bears are very lazy

I can’t bear this person he so rude.

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