Important Crops of India – Rabi, Kharif, and Zaid

Agriculture is regarded as the backbone of India’s Economy. More than 50% of the Indian workforce is dependent on this. India is regarded as a country of vegetarians which can tell us how important agriculture can be for Indians. Indian cuisine is famous all over the world and people abroad wish to take Indian Cooking classes. Farmers have an important place in Indian Society and their unity can be seen from long ago. In the case where a Coca Cola company drained all the water from the ground in the state of Kerala then all the farmers of the place filed a lawsuit against the International Corporation.

Let us now discuss some major crops grown in India –

  • Food Crops – Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets, Pulses
  • Cash Crops – Sugarcane, Tobacco, Cotton, Jute
  • Plantation Crops – Coffee, Coconut, Tea, Rubber
  • Horticulture – Fruits and Vegetables

There are two agricultural seasons witnessed by Indian Agriculture. They are Rabi and Kharif. The main crop grown in Kharif season is Rice and the main crop grown in Rabi Season is Wheat.

Crops are grown in India in detail –

  • Rice Production

Rice is a tropical crop and one of the staple crops that can be grown almost throughout the year. India is the second largest producer of rice in the world and also covers the largest area under rice cultivation. There has been observed a significant increase in production as well as the yield of rice since the year 2010. The increased production shows the use of better agriculture facilities like irrigation, latest technology, quality seed, and improved methods of production. One of the major factors on which agriculture depends is the monsoon.

  • Wheat Production

The condition of wheat in India is much like rice. It is a tropical crop for many states. In the FY16 India was the second largest producer of the wheat. With the development of technologies, the production and yield of wheat have increased drastically.

  • Jowar Production

Jowar is a crop which is regarded as a crop for lower income group people. It is used as a food to animals and as a raw material in the industries. During the years

Now let us have a look at the seasons in which the crops are grown –

  • Kharif Crops

–          It is a monsoon crop, sown in June and July.

–          Harvested in September and October.

–          A lot of water and heat is necessary.

–          Examples are rice, maize, jowar, etc.

  • Rabi Crops

–          Sown in the month of October and November.

–          Harvested in April and May.

–          For germination of seeds and maturation, it needs a warm climate and cold weather for the growth.

–          Examples are wheat, oat, gram, pea, etc.

  • Zaid Crops

–          Grows in March and June between Rabi and Kharif crop season.

–          It matures early.

–          Examples are cucumber, bitter ground, pumpkin, watermelon, etc.

The categories of crops –

Depending on the usage the major crops can be decided into different categories.

  1. Food Crops – wheat, maize, rice, millet, etc.
  2. Cash Crops – Sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, jute etc.
  3. Plantation Crops – Coffee, coconut, tree, rubber etc.
  4. Horticulture Crops – Fruits and Vegetables.
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