Important Topics to cover in Reasoning

What all you should study to prepare for Reasoning? 

General Intelligence and Reasoning section are the trickiest but scoring section in the competitive exams. Reasoning sections not only judges the student’s presence of mind but also how one is thorough with time management. With the increasing competition, complexities of question are also increasing and it is becoming hard for students to deal with it.

Hence, OWNTV is providing you the list of the most important topics of reasoning section that are being asked in exams repetitively. A new pattern of questions in a puzzled manner is in trend these days. Even simple questions are framed in a puzzled and complex way just to confuse the student in the exam. If here we pay a bit of attention and follow the tricks and tips provided in the articles  we can easily score well and solve such tricky questions in no time. But before that let’s get familiar with the topics from which sure sort questions are being asked.


We can define Analogy as a partial similarity. It is nothing but a comparison between like features of two things or objects. A minimum of 3 questions is asked for sure from Analogy. It could be alphabetical, numeric or terminology based.


Questions from classification topic test the ability of a student to identify the common features or in another way we can say to find the odd one out. From this topic also at least 2-3 questions are being asked.


From competitive exams, perspective series is one of the most interesting topics. Series can be described as sequential order of numbers, alphabets or both arranged in such a way that each term in the series is obtained according to some specific rules. It’s a common topic of General Intelligence & Reasoning Section and Quantitative Aptitude section.


Coding-Decoding topic judges the candidate’s ability to decipher the code language. The question of this topic contains any coded information in the form of a word or alphabets and on the basis of that code we have to decode it. 2-3 questions are generally asked from this topic.


Blood Relation-

Blood relation is considered one of the easiest topics from reasoning section. With the help of family tree method even complex questions can be solved in no time. Generally, 2 questions or at least 1 question is surely asked from this topic.


Order and Ranking

In order and Ranking questions we are required to arrange commodities or people in an ascending or descending order based on their properties, age, weight, height etc.

Non-verbal Reasoning

Under this segment topic like Pictorial Analogies, Symbol series, symbolic operations, numeric patterns, spatial relations, space visualizations, Spatial Reasoning, mirror image, space image, and matrix are covered. This section covers 8-9 questions from which 3-4 from Matrix itself.

To know more about such topics and their tricks visit .

We can say that these are the important topics covering maximum weight-age from reasoning section. But there are several other topics not so important, but yes, we can expect questions from them also such as Dictionary arrangement, age, syllogism, Calendar, and clocks etc. In order to score maximum from reasoning section best advice is to keep practicing more and more questions.

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