How to read newspapers to prepare for competitive exams?

5 Pro – Tips to read newspapers effectively for competitive exams

General awareness section is a part of almost every exam, especially UPSC, SSC, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, Banking exams etc. If your concepts are clear, you may score well in every section of these competitive exams with the last-minute preparations but not the general awareness. To score well in general awareness you necessarily have to be aware of social, cultural, financial, economic and regional news and updates of all across the globe.

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read newspapers to prepare for competitive exams

In order to improve your general awareness, you definitely need to read newspapers by heart. 

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5 Pro tips on “how to read newspapers?”

1. General awareness 

Your first aim to read newspapers is to make yourself aware of day to day happenings. What all you need to read?

●     Front Page

●     Second page

●     Read the Headline and the first paragraph of almost every the column followed by selecting topics which land under City News and Local issues.

●     Editorial and Opinions

●     National and International News

●     Business and Economy

●     Sports

●     Tech and others


You should be globally aware and locally sensitive of every issue around.

2. Make Notes

While reading, you should make notes. Write key points or highlight the important points within the paper. Although, making notes is always advisable because reading a broadsheet again is a tiresome act.

3.Be selective

Not every exam has the same pattern. It is obvious that Banking exams will have more questions which will talk about the economy and finance while UPSC exams will have questions on foreign affairs and GK. You need to chalk down what you have to read according to the exam you are preparing.

4. Analyse the Vocabulary

Another reason why you need to read newspapers is to improve vocabulary. You should maintain a separate column in your notes for vocabulary.

5. Read regularly and just don’t procrastinate

Reading newspapers will definitely improve your reading speed if you read it regularly. In these exams, you definitely require good reading skills to attempt the complete exam. Also, don’t procrastinate on this. Every day is important. So, don’t skip any day.


So, these are some basic strategies which you should adopt in order to become globally aware of the general awareness section.

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