World main political parties

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World  main  political parties

World  main political parties

1. India has many political parties for which people casts their vote to make government , mainly they are - Bharatiya Janata Party, India National Congress, RJD, AamAadmi Party, Samajwadi Party etc.

2. Pakistan's main political parties are Muslim League and Pakistan People Party.

3. America's main political party are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party

4. China's main political party is the Communist Party of China

5. Russia's main political party is Communist Party and Liberal Democratic Party

6. Sri Lanka's main political party are United National Party and Freedom Party

7. France's political parties are Socialist Parties, National Front, and Union for France Democracy

8. Nepal's political parties are Nepalese Communist Party, Nepalese Congress Party

9. The main political party of the United Kingdom is the Labor Party, the Liberal Democratic Party

10. The main political party of South Africa is the African National Congress, the National Party  and the Incident Freedom Party

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