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white Revolution

white Revolution

About white Revolution, today we will know what is the white Revolution and when did it start?

Here are the 10 facts about white Revolution

1. White Revolution started due to the scarcity of milk in India.
2. In 1970, the White Revolution was started by the National Dairy Development Board.
3. Verghese Kurien is known as a Father of White Revolution.
4. The motive of the White Revolution was to increase the level of milk in the national wide.
5. White Revolution helped in reducing corruption by milk merchants and many traders in India.
6. White Revolution put a solid impact on the rural people, which motivate them to start their own dairy business.
7. From 1950- 2017, milk production in India has incurred by 17 lakh tonnes per year.
8. Now import of milk in India has stopped, in fact, India itself is exporting milk to some countries.
9. The Indian  government also started animal insurance in 2005.
10. Today India has become the world's largest milk producer in world

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