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Alphabet Test


                           Types of ALPHABET TEST


In such a question, we are provided with few words and we are required to arrange them as per the dictionary order. Let’s see a few examples of alphabetical order test:

Ex.1 – arrange the following words according to the dictionary order.

Apparent, Torture, Payment, Fossil, Shark

Rule no. 1:  let’s take the 1st letter of each word- apparent - A, torture- T same with the rest words

We will get these letters A, T, P, F, S

Rule no. 2: now arrange these according to the dictionary, so we will get A, F, P, S, T

Hence we will get the correct sequence as - Apparent, Fossil, Payment,  Shark, Torture.

Rule no. 3: in case of having 2 words of same like man and monkey

Here we will take each alphabet dictionary wise and we will get that since A comes first and O later so Man will be coming first and then Monkey.



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